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Disposable Medical Masks
  • Disposable Medical Masks
  • Disposable Medical Masks
  • Disposable Medical Masks
  • Disposable Medical Masks

Disposable Medical Masks

Item No.: 1
Medical Face Mask, Disposable, 3-Ply, Non-Woven, with Ear Loop

Disposable Medical Masks

Description  3 ply earloops pp dispoable mask          
Material Non-woven Fabric
Size 17.5x9.5cm
Layer  3 Plys
Type Earloop Face Mask
Certification CE FDA ISO
Package 50pcs/box, 2000pcs/carton
BFE 95% - 99.9%
MOQ 10000pcs
Feature  Skin-friendly, Hypoallergenic ,Comfortable, High breathability
Function Filter visible isible objects such as droplets, on-oily particles and becteria

Name Medical/Doctor/Surgeon/Surgical/Hospital/Protective/Safety/Face Mask
Place of origin Henan,China
Exporting port Wuhan/Shanghai,China
Material PP/ spun laid+ MELT-BLOWN+PP, 3ply
Earloop style with elastic earloops
Nose bar aluminum/plastic,11mm ± 2mm
Weight 15+20+18g/18+20+22g/22+22+23G/25/25/35g (customized as your demand)
Size 21X9.5cm/17.5X9.5cm/14.5X9.5cm/12.5X9cm/12.5X8.5cm
Color white,blue,green,pink, yellow,etc
Packing 50pcs*40box,2000pcs/ctn
CTN size 52*38*30cm
Characters Solid materials, good air permeability, comfortable to wear; with good abilities to stop the dust and micro-organisms when breathing, non-allergenic, latex-free.

Note:Non-sterile emergency products

Do not enter the operating room and perform invasive operations;
The packaging is damaged, it is strictly forbidden to use
For those who are allergic to this product
This product is valid for 2 years and its use is strictly prohibited;
After the product is used, it should be processed according to the requirements of the  or environmental protection department;
Do not use this product if a beard, facial hair, or other facial features prevent the face and the edges of the mask from achieving a good fit
When the mask is damaged, dirty or feels dizzy, breathing is difficult or other discomfort, you should immediately leave the contaminated area and replace with a new mask.

For your health, we recommend that you perform a simple 3-step check before use

The overall appearance of the mask is not damaged or seriously polluted
The ear strap is not damaged and has good elasticity;
No nose clip is broken or broken.